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Who We Are

At Elsewedy Industrial Development, we create fully functional and customizable integrated industrial developments.

We leverage our wealth of experience in manufacturing and industry to create bespoke, scalable and optimized sites that facilitate and maximize business growth.

Over the past 12 years of operation, we have successfully developed over 6 million square meters of industrial space, encompassing a multitude of diverse and fully operational large-scale projects accommodating local and international manufacturers.

What We Do

At Elsewedy Industrial Developments, we specialize in building state-of-the-art industrial cities and developments. Our industrial parks offer smart investment plans and a comprehensive range of related support services, from logistics to training, utilities and more, offering a smart investment opportunity for our customers

By capitalizing on our established brand heritage, strong governance and industry-leading sustainability initiatives, we offer a high level of service to investors, tenants and employees that is unprecedented in the region.

How We Can Help

Elsewedy Industrial Developments’ varied projects present an excellent opportunity for anybody interested in investing in Egypt. The wider Elsewedy Group has almost a century of experience operating in the country, providing us with unrivaled insight and expertise in the way business works in Egypt.

Elsewedy Industrial Developments itself has developed an impressive physical presence in Egypt, through our network of industrial sites, our training academy and our logistics arm. This allows us to offer a 360° one-stop service to all investors, providing support with everything from physical industrial space to utilities, a skilled workforce, logistics, legal support, consultancy and much more.

Our Projects

Our existing projects cover millions of square meters of prime industrial land, reflecting the scale of our vision and our success working with clients of any size or type. Our parks and Industrial cities are completely customized and designed to accommodate all walks of industries within integrated fully fledged industrial resorts including;  Food Processing, Textiles, Chemical, Engineeri